Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Criminal

A man stood alone
He looked on pensively.
Content to stare.
Not at one thing in particular.
Only at the open air.
Some place right before him.
A spot set in front of his eyes.
Where speckles of dust floated violently.
In small movements.
And into oblivion.
A man stood alone

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Misplaced Confidence

The conception of solace is a foreign concept
As each new nights brings with it new vices
And with those comes the voices
Tearing at the inner workings of my inner ear
It is a long lost notion that this nation suffer through its regurgitation
Deliberately falling to be picked up by gorgeous angels
To falter just to be carried by lustful mermaids
In the midst of catastrophe they leave the video playing
While they go fornicate with woodland fairies
It isn't planned to be this way
It isn't envisioned to be chaos
It isn't hoped for catastrophe
But it is openly negligent
The caps are left off the pens
Loose wiring is attached to shattered bulbs
The super is out on a date
Not with a partner
But with himself
Obsessed with his own selfish self worth
Constipated with ideas
That he kept backed up so that he didn't sound too smart
Stepping in line till his ideas are in line
Lost are the original thoughts
The world saving plans
Overflowing into the overflow
Like so much rain water
Sucked down the gutter
Forgotten and smelling like raw sewage
Don't judge me if I can't sleep
Don't stare at me with seedy eyes
Just because my mind wanders
A excess boils over
And we are fed the burned up leftovers
As cataclysm feeds cataclysm
Just because a game of texas hold-em
Was more important than nuclear launch codes
Committed to a hospital for mild irritation
Right under the sensitive spot
Right behind the groin
Where they were swiftly kicked
When they tried to make a positive impact
Now satisfied with making any impact
As long as it gets them on the talking video box
Solace isn't here
Solace went away
Solace is,

Friday, March 20, 2015

An Apology Rested

An apology rested there
Bare and simple
Just waiting
But no one picked it up
Despite its silent pleas
No one cared
It was resting in plain sight
But within their vision
Such a simple solution
Long neglected
Long defective
Passing it's expiration date
On the loop around
Decieving all that they cared
Though none pocketed the thing
An apology wasted
A long term band-aid
Left to rest beside an open wound
Just a minor cut
Left to fester
Left to tear
Becoming a hated thing
That burned with every touch
Still, a solution lay there
An apology resting.
A reminder of a sin
But not a solution for forgivness
In their eyes of course
Eyes long blurred
Long over due for prescription
Tastelessly left out in the sun
Staring at storm clouds
Because they couldn't turn their heads
To stare at calmness
Focusing on calamity
But with no focus
Everything was calamity
But before
An apology sat there
Even by the brightest
Such a simple solution
Such a quick way to fix it
But we left it like shards of glass
Right there
On the floor
Repeatedly stepped on
Repeatedly trampled
Condoned to the crunch under foot
Under toe
Wishing inside to fix it
Wishing inside there was a solution
Now overwhelmed with the pieces
That there would ever be a way
There still is
But beneath the grains of sand
For thats what the glass became
Was hopelessness
They gave up
We gave up
The pieces are all there
There's just so many
It can always be fixed
But its difficult
And the apology waits
Still waiting
An apology always rests.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Trouble as it Started

There were half a million reasons to depart
Though, I found it hard to choose
It would have been fonder to have it be less
Maybe just less than zero
Or decided for me
In essence I'm weak
And the weekend is arriving
Tasking me to rest
While the workers get done
While the fates dawdle along
Convicted of meandering
Deemed unfit to task anything at all
There were all those reasons and then some
But I wanted to retire
Slink back into my skin
Hide behind my pale flesh
That hadn't seen the sun for as long as the sand upon the beach
For as long as winter beat us through and through
Out and out I failed
Wishing just to sit,
Maybe sleep,
Maybe fade away,
Not having to think a thousand thoughts
For all the million choices
Subtracting the limited limitless of my pondering
Convincing myself to twist into pretzel like tangles
Falling apart at the seams
Wishing it was all an uncanny dream
For all of those million decisions
For one simple puzzle
It wasn't fair to buzz me wrong
When I'd still hadn't thought of an answer.