Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Saying Goodbye

This will be the last posting for this site.   At least officially, I will include a link to a new blog I'd like to start, that I would like to dedicate to more professionalism, and criticism.   This new blog will focus on writing that is polished, and properly ridiculed, and also involve film reviews and observations of things spotted in movies that I find fascinating.   Take care dear readers, whoever you were, or bots, if that is what you were, that is fine.  Thanks for following me on this journey.   Thank you.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More Paths

Yet again we mistake our mistakes
for consistency, admiring the facts
in which they fall just because we
cannot be bothered to fix them for
the next time.   In the end the people
will gather 'round the old campfire
and sing songs, and roast dogs, and
wonder aloud about the point of it
all.  They will throw their hands up
in defeat and say that this is how it
is and that's why the way was the way
it had to be, as if it is written on a stone
tablet like those brought down by
Moses.  In the light of moons and
stars the world and its neighboring
cosmos will ponder the inevitability
of inevitability.  For what is destiny
but an interstate blindly followed
until the age of cataclysm when all
will be brought to darkness that
blinding blackness that consumes
all, but we needn't follow the same
path to reach the end, for the end is
coming and that is the only inevitability.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

There is No Post-Production

Do you feel that twinge in your back
the one that tells you to wake up
and start your day.  Don't ignore it,
because it will continue to pester
you until you find your way crawling
on floor for breakfast.  It'll slither
you on through the door and self-drive
your car.   You will fester at work like
an open soar or boil that is waiting
to burst.   You'll gunk up the rest
of your co-workers with your gruesome
bile and all the while that pestering twinge
in your back begging you to wake up.
You will sit silent at desk, cubicle, counter,
and you will ponder the evils transgressed
around you but if you do not give heed
to that twinge in your back you will
be left with nothing in a world full of infinite
variability.   If you do not pick a number
that small twinge will spike and hurt you.
It will beg for release, and all that bile will
build back up just as it was before until
like a brain vessel bursting in your brain
its too late.   You'll be dead and you'll have
concocted a dozen or so million reasons
to ignore it, or poke at it, but not accept it
that twinge is the possibilities of tomorrow
but if you keep on keeping on, and keep
calm and carry on it will kick and stab you.
It will scream out to the ire of your friends,
family, lovers, acquaintences, up until, and even
passed the moment of departure.  It will scream
aloud, "I was the real you, I was your potential,
I was your inner child screaming to be set free,"
so chill out, sit down, laugh, love, and experience
the fun of your eager little hearts.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Technician - synopsis.

It's the story of a man
consumed with wrath
against an abandoning mother
who likes to look at
other peoples memories,
ideas, and dreams.  It's
invasive despicable and
he knows it.  Yet he continues.
He strikes keyboard keys
on a daily basis, staring
at heartbeat monitors
and peaks at his clients
minds when he gets home
to his shithole apartment.
A failed med student is
his boss, a chatty single
mother, his co-worker, and
the one neighbor he has
he knows only from a
misplaced piece of mail.
On an ordinary Monday,
a new guy comes in to
visualize an idea, but
when our man sees this
idea is to perpetuate an
act of violence against
the most beloved man in
the world, he has to fight
with something he's never
had to confront before,
his conscience.