Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In the Backseat

Perspiration trickles down
Sweat beads, that caress
Like inspiration on goose pimpled flesh.
Responding to scary familiarity,
trembling hands go fumbling
to grasp at straps
and buckles and skin.
Taught reactions fraught with impulse.
Worrying about predatory familiarity
as whispers gush for secret places,
afraid for the thoughts that wish
for a four letter word that isn't love.
Simple kisses erupt in magma flows
that fertilize the broken soil,
for nature seldom complex's thoughts.
There's a calmness in the promises,
but crosses stare down
memories of forgotten lectures.
Exhale. Then inhale,
with balled up fists
and a cold streamed shower
to wash the sin away.
If human nature be worth it
to condemn,
then condemn,
for I partake for silence.

Trembling Hands

In a certain light,
Trembling hands that grasp
as though driven like a cat
To mouse, not starved
but hungry for that urge
to hunt, and nibble.

In a certain light
Sinful to be that impulsive
With those trembling hands that grasp
At clasps, and buckles
A heart deprived and thumping
Out of a confused chest.

In a certain light
Trembling hands that grasp
Into fists after kisses curse
That clothes fit so right
Despite what eyes betray
And goose pimpled flesh conveys
In shortened harsh un-composed breaths.

In that certain light
Where trembling hands can grasp
A mouse, like a house cat had
And bat around till it gone limp
With shock and awe
Satisfied with the game for now,
But not forever,
No not at all.

Predatory animal skills
Sometimes as savage
Often more gentle
In a certain light
With trembling hands that lust.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Familiar Predators


they slink in like rattle snakes
shaking their tails for music
drawing forth attention with rhythm
or to wise, a warning song
and then they choose to be bitten
with a certain intoxication that only venom can bring
though they bleed through puncture holes
and though they are swallowed whole
some prey discern no pain, devoured wholly

a skillful hawk descends with piercing talons
and in its sinful search pauses in momentum
piercing the water with a needle precision
and pulling them up one by one
carrying it squirming, flailing and dripping
grasping it tightly, firmly delicately,
as jealous flesh holds jealous flesh
hawk to sky, prey to sea
married to each respectively
till it being torn from habitat to nest
is dried and died in the moving
ready to feed a hawks family
with every little thing it had left

a lion dominating his lioness
biting neck and growling submissions
like whispered threats in her ravaged ears
for she stronger and sleeker than he
feeds him and the mass of mutts of cubs
smarter and more cunning, her strength his drive
aroused over mutual predatory instincts

and a house cat, never starved but still
pouncing on the field mouse
as though driven by something deep inside
poised to strike by command of parasites
because the shape of mice unlocks the sight
and claws once retracted grow
and the house cat licks its chops and struts
a sway, and tip toes under patted feet
till its cornered it, now given a choice
to deliver its mouth promptly, a killing bite
soaked against the predators tongue,
or to toy with it, and let it suffer like a toy
once warm blooded eventually cold, rigid, and

Abstraction Absolution Abonimation

I contribute a listless life to this universe
Non-categorized among these numbered pages
Because what can hawks gleam for sustenance
From the dusty bones of a human skeleton
What is gripped in the talons of that predator
Will burst into minute powders that flail away
Like memories of long lost lovers who found
That what they loved was control of hate
So red and volatile as the lust in their loins
Penetrating each as if they should just be knives
Or a prodded utensil like Satan's pitchfork
A torturous device to emit the pain close to death
Because what is more angry than a fallen angel
Scolded for being cast down by the father
And mothers who themselves were no damned saints
You in the puddle with water like blood over it
It being the skeleton clenched by daggers of a terrifying predator, spawned by hellfire.