Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Looking On in Pedaled Loafers

There came a point in her life when she had to just cut and run
When the brittled earth below her feet sunk into oblivion
And the weary minded travelers faltered in their steps
Oh, how the common thread of regret halters the walk of men
Whence the world looked bright
But she kept on going.

Even as the rain fell and her dress was dampened
She could not find a way to fault herself
When her hands slipped from her ledge
Leaping down upon that broken stone
She could not think of it in any other way but beautiful
As the men about her fathomed this ideal
A car struck her dead.

In her casket she slept peacefully, arms folded and still
The stiffness of her person was not unsettling
For visions of her curious eyes lauded over everyone
It trapped them in a decaying state of melancholy
For they knew her beautiful looks
Her strange glances upon the fractured grounds
They knew these things and knew they would never be new again
And so the men said goodbye
And one by one they lingered there
To keep a bit of her optimism,
In them,

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nonsense In the Prehistoric Sense

This moment where everything just seemed to make sense
Has dissipated into something that no longer will make any sense
Through the last of the reputation that exists
That no one bothered to even dig up
Like the fossilized remains of the remants of the dinosaurs
Where the giants that roamed were soon disgarded
As though God grew tired of parading them about
His gargantuan sort of monsters
The sort of monsters that paraded against the earth
That God could show off as his finest creation
But he grew tired of them
As we grow tired of you
And you grow tired of me
When the king of kings and the king of beasts clashed upon the earth
And the giants fell into the dirt
And the field mice were the ones to survive
Along with those human beings who destroyed the existence of the divine
But worshipped a false idol
While destroying the world as they knew it
And digging and digging and digging
And the deepest trench did not even do it
The longest journey of unfathomable sort of travel
Where the pressure enclosed upon their figureds like a clenching fist
It is not too late to save myself
So that my perspective can be unchanged
But what would be the fun in that
For I am a beast among beasts
I who spit out all of the nonsense
Who shit just as anyone else might shit
After eating as anyone else might eat
As I take my crawling into my walking
Just as the next infant should
I who spoke back to my parents
Just as my son will speak back to me
I see in fruition that which I sowed
I will reep the fruit of this whirlwind song
So that in the end it is done
Everyone is lost
And I am everyone and everyone is me
So thus I, and you, and we
We all have lost our way
While we all as we are
No the one way out
Because we who know nothing as nothing is known better than me.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Certain Point of View

There is a certain point of view
When looking at the sun
Through the edges of a parasol
When nothing that was right is set askew
In such a way that it seems alright
When the weather fades and collides with the dust
The particles that sprinkle in the delicate light
A show of dancers sprinkling sugar upon the concrete
As water ebbs and water flows
The cold winds that capture the top of the coolant
That breaks upon the cheeks of men like knives upon the skin
When the weary world hurtles itself like a stone
A stone of massive sizes
When underneath its immense pressure
A breath cannot be taken
When it all seems faded now
But underneath the parasol
Covered by the tarped surface
Protected from the army of rains
That pitter patter pattern of sounds
Pounding piously upon the fabric
Where no one can see perfectly
Only  askew and that's okay
Because even the darkest days look a little bit nicer
Beneath the shield of a parasol.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A True Nightmare

I don't think its outrageous to say voting for Hilary is better than voting for Trump. I'd rather have the lying politician who upholds the status quo of corruption, than a nutcase who says whatever the hell he wants and is making a hateful culture that is being greedily taken advantage of by hate groups. At least with Hilary everything won't get flushed down the toilet. At least with Hilary we can kind of crawl until the next election where hopefully people have gotten their delusional heads out of their asses. I'll take that over the blowhard who has hours and hours of recordings that contradict every stance he's ever said, where he is a sexist bastard, and a smug rich guy who pretends he's suffered. He's not the image of success that people somehow flock to think he is. Maybe I won't vote for Hilary but to claim that they are on somehow equal footing as shitty human beings is a pretty rough pill to swallow. Yes the establishment needs to change, and progress has been made, but my god, don't we want to be taken seriously by the world at all.

Idk, I'm not a political scholar, but neither are you you scourers of the internet. You who cite the sources of extremely biased media. I'm not here to argue the opinions of assholes, I'm going off what has been said, and the environment that is being incited. It pisses me off that he's gotten this far. He's not going to win. And now its like he's kicking and squealing like a little child throwing out the worst statements ever.

Maybe in the end it's all a joke. Maybe him and Hilary worked it out so that he'd let a bunch of delusional people think he was their savior. I don't even understand the faith vote on this. How anyone can seriously think as far as religion is concerned that he speaks for you. I think more than anything it just shows that party affiliation is what you're after, not actual beliefs. Abortion is still going to exist. Gay marriage isn't going anywhere. Let go of those small reasons, and focus on the bigger picture. What a waste of votes.